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* CIP Resubmissions: Office Hours

Name * CIP Resubmissions: Office Hours
Date 6/3/2022
Time 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Need to resubmit your Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)?

Join this CIP Resubmissions Office hour to reevaluate/rewrite or discuss your SMART goal(s) before you resubmit your CIP.

CIP Open Office Meetings will be available online (using Zoom) for California Adult Education agencies that need specific guidance or feedback on their 2022-23 agency CIP goal prior to submission or for resubmission.

Please sign-up to ask questions, get feedback and support in your CIP planning, review, and resubmission.

Dates for CIP Resubmissions Office Hours listed on the calendar for registration (use filter Sponsor, "OTAN"):

May 13, June 3, 2022


  • CIP Open Office Meetings are optional and intended specifically for only those CA Adult Education agencies submitting Continuous Improvement Plans (CIP).
  • An OTAN Certificate of Attendance will NOT be issued for attending CIP Open Office Meetings.

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Location OTAN Office Hours

Zoom link and information sent after registration.

Trainer Jaemi Naish


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