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* OTAN Special Event - Juice for CDLC Pilot

Name * OTAN Special Event - Juice for CDLC Pilot
Date 9/24/2021
Time 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

This online webinar will show members of the CDLC how to incorporate the JUICE readiness library into Canvas learning environment for this academic year to motivate and support online learning.

The JUICE library and online modules provide over 60 skill-based “workouts” for math, writing, and critical reading, including hundreds of interactive online learning resources. For CDLC members, JUICE is available in Canvas at no cost this school year (2021-22).

JUICE supports academic skills for a wide range of classes – from high school diploma courses to career preparation and training. Self-guided interactive tutorials and low-stakes practice games help students apply skills in real world situations and build confidence. Students can get help when they need it and practice as much as they want – and, most of the learning “workout” choices are available on mobile devices.

This special event is by invitation only. For more information contact your CDLC administrator.

OTAN Certificates of Attendance will not be awarded for attending this online webinar.
Location CDLC Special Webinar: Juice in Canvas

Zoom link sent after registration (CDLC members only)

Trainer Penny Pearson

This class is offered as an inservice training for the hosting agency only. Contact OTAN Support to get this training offered at your agency!