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2020: Online Tools to Stay Connected to Learners

Name 2020: Online Tools to Stay Connected to Learners
Date 5/14/2019
Time 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Things are happening fast and many adult education programs are finding themselves in need of distance learning tools. Videoconferencing, desktop sharing, and web sites can all be used to assist teachers get information to or connect with their students. All that is needed is a computer, laptop, Chromebook, or tablet (most times) connected to the Internet.

OTAN has compiled a short list of different tools that can be used to quickly and easily turn a class into a distance learning option for teachers to use with students. This webinar will give some ideas on how to connect to the Internet with hotspots, wifi, and other means that are becoming available through other sources.

Join this "info-mercial" and learn more! 


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