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CASAS eTest Proctor Certification for Administering Tests

Name CASAS eTest Proctor Certification for Administering Tests
Date Ongoing
Time Open

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Training Goals

The purpose of this training is to quickly teach you the essentials of administering tests with CASAS eTests software in seven easy lessons. This is a hands-on, user-friendly, self-paced tutorial that will take you approximately one hour to complete. You can "digest" the tutorial all at once, or complete one lesson at a time.

Training Objectives
  • After completing this training, you will be able to:
    • Register Computers
    • Manage Sessions
    • Register Students
    • Follow an Intake Process
    • Administer Tests
    • Retrieve Test Results
Training Completion
  1. Complete 100% on each Activity Checklist.
  2. Complete and submit a Test Security Agreement.
  3. Generate your Certificate of Completion.
Location CASAS Training, Available 24/7 CA
Trainer Tech Support
Seats 4182 / 9999
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