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NRS Performance Goals Panel Discussion: Engaging Students and Staff

Name NRS Performance Goals Panel Discussion: Engaging Students and Staff
Start 3/10/2021 1:00 PM
End 3/10/2021 2:30 PM

Data Detective IV: Evaluating Your Agency's Data Performance *NEW*

  • Administrators
  • Coordinators
  • Database Managers
  • Others with responsibility for TOPSpro management

Topic: For database management quality control needs, sign up for our widely acclaimed “Data Detective” series. Part I focuses on matching appropriate pre- and post-tests. Part II focuses on Payment Points and Data Integrity. Part III prepares you to confidently meet all of the federal reporting requirements. Introducing, in 2011-12--Part IV, which provides strategies on how to effectively measure how well your agency is performing in meeting all of the various state and federal requirements.


  • Review appropriate TOPS reports that overview agency data performance
  • Identify the CASAS Data Portal and use it to compare features of agency performance to statewide, regional, and previous agency results
  • Interpret standards from the CASAS Continuous Improvement Measures (CIM) and apply them to your agency's data outcomes
  • Access other resources on the Web and elsewhere that equate data results to agency performance
  • Experience: Advanced

Location Zoom CA
Facilitator Jay Wright
Seats 24 / 100
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