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Administrator's Forum Webinar: Starting and Expanding CTE Programs

Name Administrator's Forum Webinar: Starting and Expanding CTE Programs
Start 6/27/2023 14:00:00
End 6/27/2023 15:00:00

Starting a new CTE class or expanding your CTE program pathway can be challenging. There's a lot to consider. How do you determine what's needed? Will it provide a sustainable wage or better for the students? Will you have partners involved and if so in what capacity? How do you find teachers? What will the program cost and how will it be funded? Does this provide a future IET opportunity? In this webinar we will go over these considerations and more, when planning your new CTE class or building your existing CTE program.

Presented by: Steve Curiel, Director, Huntington Beach Adult School, Huntington Beach Unified School District

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Goals There is no registration fee to participate; CALPRO professional development opportunities are available to all California Adult Education Program (CAEP) agencies and employees.
Location Online
Contact Please contact Cherise Moore at for more information.
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