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Motivation and Persistence for Adult Learners at a Distance

Name Motivation and Persistence for Adult Learners at a Distance
Start 3/10/2022 13:00:00
End 3/10/2022 14:00:00
Description It takes persistence for individuals with low basic skills to increase their skill levels significantly, and there are a lot of challenges that can get in the way. However, to increase reading, writing, and oral communication skills enough to succeed in job training, job promotions, and postsecondary education—all of which can lead to middle-skill jobs and family sustaining wages—requires persistence. How can adult education instructors support learners to persist? Research reveals a number of strategies that can make a difference. This module examines nine of these strategies and offers adult educators the opportunity to practice and internalize them.
Goals There is no registration fee to participate; CALPRO professional development opportunities are available to all California Adult Education Program (CAEP) agencies and employees.
Location Online
Contact CALPRO 2151 River Plaza Drive, Suite 320 Sacramento, CA 95833 Phone: 916-286-8816 E-mail:
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