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Event Detail: Online Curriculum Series, Part One

This event format is an online webinar.*

Course Title Online Curriculum Series, Part One 
Date of Training Tuesday, November 15, 2016 
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

OTAN is offering a series of three webinars, each focused on different curriculum suggested by our OTAN Advisory Committee members and the field. This is the first in the series. Vendors will be added as they are scheduled.


Shmoop is a digital publisher with a one of a kind approach to college and career readiness. Through humor, pop culture references, and a conversational approach to content, Shmoop is redefining online learning and connecting student to curriculum like never before. We pride ourselves on giving students an engaging and active learning experience. Students do not passively listen to lectures and take multiple-guess exams. Rather, each lesson is accompanied by an activity or project that promotes interactive, hands-on learning. While we strive to make our activities fun, each assignment is rigorous and goes beyond regurgitation of the material, instead promoting a range of critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. We prepare students for success in higher education and the workplace!

NorthStar Digital Literacy

Over the past few years, the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment has grown to 525 sponsor test sites and 2,600,000 completed assessments. Northstar, widely used in education, workforce centers, and nonprofits, is undergoing a significant upgrade. All standards are being updated, modules are being redeveloped in HTML5, a new codebase will provide greater flexibility and dependability, an enhanced website will ease access, and curricula for each module will be developed. This webinar will provide a quick overview of the upgrade into V 2.0.

Location: Adobe Connect 
Trainer: Penny Pearson 
Registration for this class is past the deadline or full and is closed.
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* Synchronous online events of short duration (1-2 hours) in which subject matter experts present information.